Digital Commissions

I am now taking digital portrait commissions. So if you have ever wanted to see yourself or a friend or relative as your/their favourite comic book hero, in historical dress or even as an original fantasy character, now is your chance! Its a great gift idea and could be used even as a personalized gift card or invitation.

All you need to supply is a good quality photograph of the person you wish portrayed plus an indication as to the theme of the image, eg pirate, wizard, sorceress, drag queen, jedi knight etc.

For $150 you get your own personalized image in the theme and pose of your choice, as a jpg plus a 12” x 18” high quality photographic print.

You can view examples in the Mythology, Drama Queens and Commissions galleries. Email me your interest, or leave a message here and I will be in contact very soon to discuss your idea and other details.