Summer Holidays

Now that Christmas is over, summer has really set in and I am hiding from the 40 degrees day currently occurring outside.  Yesterday I was looking through my unfinished sketches, the beginnings of paintings I had got distracted from, and things that were almost finished but I couldn't break through the pain barrier with, and reminded myself that there is so much there that I can still use and maybe revisit if the mood strikes me.

The heat always conjures images of pagan rituals, flaming torches and long lost civilizations in my imagination, maybe something to do with the countless hours watching biblical epics and sword and sandal movies when I was a child!  So I have dug up a half finished painting I started sometime last year, it's current title being 'To Approach the Seer' and have recommenced work on it.  

Like many artists I work on several things concurrently, so this is one in a group that I plan to complete over the coming weeks, together with more website improvements which I hope will be cool!  It's nice to have a week or so off from the job that pays my rent, it gives me time to reflect on what has been achieved this past year, and make plans for 2011, which I am hoping will be a good one!