Peggy Guggenheim: A Collection in Venice

Until the 31st January, the WA Art Gallery is hosting part of the Peggy Guggenheim modern art collection.  Based permanently in Venice at her home Ca' Venier dei Leoni on the Grand Canal, the collection is home some of the most important art works of the Twentieth Century, from artists such as Picasso, Kandinsky, Rothko and Pollock to name but a few.

There are many fascinating works in this exhibition, including sculptures by Sir Henry Moore, Max Ernst, Constantine Brancusi and perhaps the most disturbingly titled piece in the collection, Woman with her throat cut, by Alberto Giacometti.

If you have ever studied modern art, this is a great opportunity to see some very influential works covered in standard textbooks in the one room.  What is good as a contrast is the inclusion of lesser known works by Modern Art's great exponents.  It's all names, names, names: Kandinsky, de Chirico, Picasso, Helion, Lipschitz, Congdon, there are too many to list here and it was very difficult to choose a stand-out piece.

For me though, it would have to be Max Ernst's The Attirement of the Bride.  This is an incredible work, so full of barbaric, organic detail, there is much to enjoy in this on many levels, and different view points.

For more info head to and check it out.