Plans for 2011 Part 1

I simply cannot believe we are already over half way through January so I thought I would take it upon myself to let you know what is planned for Living Horus over the coming months. 

As well as announcing new works when added to the galleries, news and up-coming events, the homepage will also be a way to get to know the inspirations behind my work, artistic influences and how they have shaped my oeuvre, as well as anything that strikes me as interesting, such a concerts, movies and exhibitions, anything that makes the journey more enjoyable!

So in the coming months, expect articles about people like Maria Callas, Derek Jarman, Jean Cocteau, and Pier Paolo Pasolini to name a few, how they have influenced their fields of endeavour and their impact on modern culture and in particular, modern gay culture. 

In the pipeline is a new design service that is scheduled to be operational by mid-year, but more on that as the time draws near.  Of course, in the coming months there will also be some website improvements in order to encompass my vision for Living Horus

Feel free to let me know, using the comments box or by sending me an email, if there is anything you would like to see here and if it piques my interest I shall post it!