Spartacus: Blood and Sand

I have just purchased Spartacus: Blood and Sand and watched the first episode.  The uncut version on DVD is much more impressively explicit than the version that screened on the small screen in Australia last year.  The violence is highly stylised, with much blood and gore, very reminiscent of the movie 300.  In fact, Spartacus: Blood and Sand owes much to 300 in art direction and style, one could be forgiven for thinking this was almost a sequel.

It stars the gorgeous Lucy Lawless, once Xena: Warrior Princess, as an aptly named Lucretia and this is a welcome return of this versatile actress to our screens.  Her accent is, as always, impeccable, and John Hannah, who previously annoyed me in The Mummy, is imminently watchable as Batiatus.

Andy Whitfield, who plays Spartacus, was sadly diagnosed with cancer and as a result Season 2 was postponed to give him a chance for recovery and a prequel filmed instead.  Spartacus: Gods of the Arena screened earlier this year and as a result of his cancer returning, Whitfield was replaced by Liam McIntyre for Season 2.

No prizes for guessing as to why this TV series appeals to me so much, you'll just have to check it out for yourselves.  Now, back to episode 2!