Saturday Night: Heirs Play Perth

Tonight I am taking a break from my rediscovered interest in classical concert going and am heading off to The Bakery for a night of post-rock featuring Melbourne based quartet Heirs.  

This quote from their website really piqued my interest: "Their rapid-fire aural assaults, subliminal melodies and cyclic junkyard drumming has the ability to drag you into something comparable to a drug-induced death trip or a slow descent into a Lovecraftian netherworld". 

Having listened to a track or two from their myspace page, it looks to be an excellent evening of drone with loads of local support acts including The Silent World, Atolah and Drowning Horse.

It was worth the wait for the reopening of The Bakery, the fit-out is fantastic and it has filled the void in this city for live music venues.  Indeed I would say it one of the best now that the Hyde Park Hotel is in renovation limbo and The Castle is no more, hope does remain however with the Civic Hotel and of course the Rosemount.