Fritz Lang: Der Nibelungen


The director famous for the early cinema classic Metropolis, Fritz Lang, also turned his hand to a magnificent Expressionist retelling of the Nibelung Legend.  Released in 1924 it remains to this day haunting in its visuals, the art direction is exquisite, and the special effects remarkable for its time.  

The dragon, Fafner, holds up rather well in this, and one can't help feel sorry for him actually.  Considering when it was made, it moves reasonably realistically.

I love the way the forest is depicted, full of gigantic trees, and this except ends with Siegfried tasting the dragon's blood and suddenly being able to understand the language of the birds.

With all the research I have been doing lately into the subject since I have begun my Valkyrie seires, I have decided to expand on the visual universe offered by this story and continue on with other characters other than Brunnhilde.  There are so many opportunities in the Nibelung to explore artistically, my second Brunnhilde is coming along nicely, and after that, who knows?