Movie Preview: Thor

With my current thirst for all things Norse, thanks to research for my current painting, I am looking forward to May 6th, which sees the release of the Marvel Comics movie, Thor.  Of course, any film that is based on a graphic novel or popular comic character should always be approached with trepidation (Catwoman anyone?), but looking at the castlist for this surely makes it tempting.  Anthony Hopkins, Natalie Portman and Rene Russo, not to mention beefcake Chris Hemsworth and all directed by Kenneth Brannagh should prove to be an interesting take on the Thor legend.

The costume looks in keeping with the Marvel concept of the character and the art direction looks impressive, in particular Asgard, the Realm of the Gods which should look amazing in 3D.  I wonder if Stan Lee will make one of his legendary cameo appearances in this?