Wonder Woman TV Series

In continuing with the superhero theme that seems to have developed this week, I thought I would post some new pics I found of the new Wonder Woman costume for the new TV series starring Adrianne Palicki.  Not quite sure when it is due to be launched, I am hopeful for later this year.  

It seems that the Studio has been listening to the feedback on the costume since its first appearance and have changed the electric blue leggings and boots for something slightly akin to the original boots and have incorporated some stars down the sides, possibly as a reference to the old starred and padded bikini bottoms of the original.  Personally I preferred the blue ensemble and boots but in a darker blue, like that of the rebooted costume in Wonder Woman #600. 

 At least they had the good sense to get rid of that dumb jacket, for the time being at least.  I managed to view a short clip of the filming of the new series and quite frankly it did not really inspire me with confidence for this new series, but it is of course only early days and it wasn’t finished footage.

As all who have known me since childhood can attest to, Wonder Woman is one of my most beloved characters.  It is pretty hard to move on from the image of Lynda Carter in the ‘old Red, White and Blue’, to paraphrase the theme song, but given the fact that even she herself has given Adrianne Palicki the thumbs up as her successor in the role, maybe we will actually see a more gritty and modern take on this childhood classic.