Der Ring des Nibelungen at the Met 2010-2011: Deborah Voigt

Here is another sneak peak of Die Walkure from the Met's new production, this one is of Brunnhilde's entrance in Act 2 played by Deborah Voigt opposite the Wotan of Bryn Terfel.  Expectedly, this production has had mixed reviews, you read the New York Times mostly positive review here, check out the photo gallery as well, it's definitely worth it.


  1. I loved this production. But I have 2 complaints:
    (1) the "Machine" in Act 3 was disappointing; especially the magic fire which was deep red instead of something more magical. The computer imagery were all weak in that act.
    (2) the acting of Wotan and Brunnhilde starting at "Deinen Leichten Sinn". They should have been more somber with Brunnhilde acting more dignified. Wotan should have shown more intense resignation.


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