Gary Numan - The Pleasure Principle, Australian Tour

Okay, I was going to review the Gary Numan concert we went to last night but I've been thinking about how to all day and don't think I can.  Only for one reason was freaking awesome!  He is an incredible performer who gives his all on stage and it's hard to be objective about such a legend!  So here are a couple of pics, courtesy of the Astor Theatre.

Anyway, it was a brilliant night, Tomas Ford was his usual ebullient self as the support.  I have been witness to quite a few of Tomas' gigs over the past couple of years, and he goes from strength to strength as a performer.  It's great to watch his interaction with the audience, especially with those who have never been subjected to his 'physicality' squirm as he makes them part of his act.  I know, I've been straddled by him before!