Helix - Daryl Brandwood

Tonight is the last performance of this remarkable piece of art.  The collaboration between Brandwood and cinematographer Ian Batt is nothing short of stunning, fittingly described in reviews as world class.  This video is from part of the performance itself and forms a backdrop for Brandwood's movement, beautifully choreographed by Barry Moreland.  The performance I witnessed was a sell-out so I wish you luck in getting tickets for the final performance this evening.    

By the way, Perth now has a landmark of which it can be proud of in the new State Theatre Centre.  Combining elegance with the latest in state of the art stage technology, everything about this building is stunning.  The accoustics are remarkable and Helix was also an excellent opportunity for the Lighting Designer, Jon Buswell, to demonstrate the latest in Lighting technology.  The only downside to the theatre that I can see is the fact that it's becoming increasingly difficult to get tickets to things, due to it's popularity, and the calibre of the work being shown there.