Lohengrin Part 2

In the next couple of days my latest work will be finished.  As you may know already it will be an interpretation of Lohengrin, the Swan Knight.  The legend of a Knight being led in a barge led by a single white swan seems to have captured to imagination of many artists, musicians and writers.  Here are a few that fired my imagination for my new piece.  

Of course, I never work in silence, I must have appropriate music for the occasion.  I now have three versions of Lohengrin, the opera by Wagner, two of which I absolutely adore, the other (Barenboim) has some lovely moments with a contemporary  cast but, I am afraid cannot compete with Karajan and Kempe.  

Karajan is my most treasured of the two, his pacing is supreme and the contrasts between his pianissimi and the climaxes is extraodinary, simply listen to the prelude of Act 1, or the finales of Acts 1 and 3 to get what I mean.  

Kempe on the other hand has the better in terms of characterisation, all soloist being superb, especially Christa Ludwig and Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau as the villains, the finest on disc.  So I find myself alternating between the two.  If I get around to it I might review them in more depth, I will just add them to the list.  

If I am feeling particularly naughty and indulgent this long weekend (I think I am!)  a purchase of the Jonas Kaufmann DVD Lohengrin might be on the cards too, I'll let you know what I think.