Image of the Day

Tonight is the general dress rehearsal for the long awaited Elektra from the WA Opera and ThinIce for the Perth International Arts Festival.  I'll be attending this as well as the final performance on the 14th of February, so a review will follow soon.

As you may be able to tell I am a little excited about this production, Elektra has been a favourite of mine since I first discovered opera and this will be my first live performance.  I love it's heady mix of brutality and violence, contrasting with rare moments of tenderness and beauty.

It's such a shame that in this part of the world it is almost never performed and this is the first time it has been seen in little ol' Perth.  Hopefully with this production things will change when it enters the repertoire of Opera Australia.

In the final image for my Elektra Advent Calendar, we have Birgit Nilsson as Elektra and a Klytemnestra whom I am unable to identify.  If anyone can identify her please let me know.

Elektra opens on the 8th February at His Majesty's Theatre, Perth.