And now for some total cheese...

If you are a regular reader here you probably already know of my enduring love for album covers from vintage operatic and classical LP's.  Recently I purchased the old Westminster recording of Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen (my eighth, don't judge me) on iTunes and a friend reminded me of the original covers.  I have already posted Die Walkure a while ago but now I have the whole set for your enjoyment.  You can actually view their entire collection of covers at, and still purchase the remaining few LP's, some still in their factory plastic.

The recording is surprisingly good, with few big names in the cast and recorded (from what I can tell) in East Germany during the Cold War.  It's recorded in that bright, relentless hi-fi sound which to me epitomises the era and suits the cover art perfectly, though what Gotterdammerung has in relation to the other three covers has me mystified, where's the nudity?