Andrea Chenier

First performed on this day back in 1896, Andrea Chenier remains a lasting favourite of tenors and audience alike.  Umberto Giordano never really equalled the success he had with Chenier and with beautiful arias for all three leading roles, not to mention the exquisitely passionate duets it is easy to understand why.  

Andrea Chenier has been lucky on disc with some brilliant recordings by some of the most famous tenors of the 20th Century and beyond, including Del Monaco, Corelli, Domingo, Pavarotti and Carreras and accompanied by such soprano's as Tebaldi, Callas (live), Scotto, Caballe and Marton.

Here is a live performance by Jose Carreras from La Scala in the mid to late 80's, with Eva Marton as his Maddalena.  Carreras portrays the poet's sensitive side perfectly and this was captured at the peak of his career.  As a teenager I thought this a most beautiful interpretation, and still do.