Happy Birthday Richard Wagner (22 May 1813 – 13 February 1883)

Richard Wagner - Ernst August Becker

Today marks the 199th birthday of Richard Wagner, arguably the world's most influential composer.  With a life as passionate and scandalous as his subject matter, the impact of his music is still being felt today.

It's impossible to have a favourite work of his but if I had to, at gun point, truly name my most treasured of his works it would be Lohengrin.  Der Ring des Nibelung a very, very close second.  

And so for a taste of his music I am not going to give an operatic scene, which you might expect, but something quiet, introspective and instrumental.  To reflect on the last 199 years in preparation for the world-wide celebrations next year.  His Siegfried Idyll.

Happy birthday Maestro, your music is the soundtrack to my life.