Happy Birthday Nicolai Gedda

Nicolai Gedda - Tamino from Die Zauberflote
Happy birthday to one of the most versatile and long lasting tenors of the Twentieth Century, Nicolai Gedda, born 11 July 1925.  Blessed with a beautiful honeyed tone, he is known as the most widely recorded tenor in history and sang well into his seventies.

His interpretations of roles like Tamino (pictured), Werther, Faust, Almaviva, BF Pinkerton, and Dmitri from Boris Godunov ensure his place in operatic history.

Gedda partnered many great singers in some unforgettable recordings, in particular as Don Jose to both Maria Callas and Victoria de los Angeles as Carmen, as Faust with Boris Christoff and Victoria de los Angeles (twice!) and Rodolfo to Mirella Freni's Mimi.  

Who can forget his recording of Bizet's Les Pêcheurs De Perles?  Gedda's intensely erotic view of Je Crois Entendre is without doubt one of the greatest in the catalogue.  I've always loved his voice and am very grateful for the recordings of his I have the pleasure to own.  Happy birthday Nicolai Gedda!