Bluebeard's Castle - The Wooden Prince

Tonight is the final night of 'Festival Frenzy 2013' for me, and what a way to end a brilliant month of diverse performances.  It's a Bartok double bill of Bluebeard's Castle and The Wooden Prince.  

Perth Internation Arts Festival Logo 2013Conducted by Sir Richard Armstrong, this concert version features the much awaited comeback performance of Lisa Gasteen as Judith together with Daniel Sumegi as Duke Bluebeard with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra augmented by players from the Western Australian Youth Orchestra.

I've loved this opera ever since I was a teenager and revel in it's mystery every time I hear it.  It's perfectly matched by the Wooden Prince too, a ballet of which I have only heard for the first time today.  It should be a wonderful night.

Here is the Fifth Door from the gorgeously dated film by director Miklós Szinetár featuring Sylvia Sass and Kolos Kováts, conducted by Georg Solti.  I'd quite happily wear Bluebeard's mantle from this, it would make an excellent dressing gown.