Image of the day

Just a quick one today I'm afraid as I'm working on improving things around here.  Callas' only foray into acting for the screen has always been a favourite film of mine, ever since I first saw it on SBS back in the early 90's.  

The direction by Pasolini is remarkable, as are the costumes by Piero Tosi, especially those worn by Callas herself.  The barbaric, brutal lifestyle is echoed brilliantly through the use of the Cappadocian landscape as a backdrop to Medea's barbarian land of Colchis, contrasting starkly with the city of Pisa as the setting for Corinth and the slightly more sophisticated court of Creon.  Throw in a pantomime Centaur and a few hunky semi-clad warriors and we have a winner.

Here is one of the original posters. It would make a wonderful birthday gift for that certain friend don't you think? *cough*