Is 'Triumphal' even a word?

...according to the spellchecker on this thing, yes. Anyway this is image is more 'triumphant' than 'triumphal' for me...

I've been working on this concept of Aida for many years now, you know, the one where I use the same basic set for every scene, but the one scene I kind of always avoided in too much detail was the good ol' Grand Scene of Act 2 - 'the one with the elephants'.

And so here we are, 25 years later and I've decided to feel the fear and do it anyway, senza elephants.

Considering it's Verdi's bicentenary I figured I might finally finish this project.  I consider it an interesting diversion from my Nibelungenlied project, not to mention quite a contrast.

Expect the remaining scenes to come soon, which means I'll be rearranging the Fantasy gallery to accommodate it accordingly.  I hope you have a brilliant week.