The Green Hill - 2013

Today marks the opening of the 2013 Bayreuth Festival.  Since events on the Green Hill have become more controversial than ever over the past few years it seems that this year is no less in expectation.  This year marks the retirement of Sebastian Baumgarten's production of Tannhauser after much criticism from the public and critics alike, but heralds the new Ring Cycle by director Frank Castorf.

I have to say here and now, as much as I object to much of what we call today Regie theatre, from a design perspective what I have seen of the new Ring can only be described as epic.  The concept (Man's quest for oil) seems solid and I can but hope that the limited rehearsal time given to the cycle - nine days for Rheingold according to Castorf - does his vision justice.  


And so I leave you with the Call to Performance, filmed from a unique perspective.  You can view details of the Festival by clicking on the image the to right.

For my friends lucky enough to be there...may you have the most wondrous of celebrations for Wagner's 200th.