Image of the Day

Continuing on with the concept sketched for the characters for my Nibelungenlied project, here is a design for Alberich in scene 1 of Das Rheingold.  I picture him as being near naked (he's underwater after all) but covered in barbaric tattoos, emerging from the darkness of the bottom of the Rhine.  Clicking on the image will take you to the gallery where you can see the dwarf in more detail, along with his charming Rhinemaden companions.

While working on this I was getting to know the character through the most excellent portrayal by Jochen Schmeckenbecher on the new Janowski recording for Pentatone.  It's quickly becoming one of my favourite recordings of Rheingold, Schmeckenbecher is superb as the Dwarf and there is much violence in his reading.  Review to come.

Here I leave the bottom of the Rhine and make my way to the top of the world in order to design Wotan et al.  Have a great weekend and I'll endeavour to be a little less lazy and post more often once again.