Vale Regina Resnik (August 30, 1922 – August 9, 2013)

I awoke the this morning to the sad news that Regina Resnik, one of the greatest voices of the past 100 years passed away yesterday.  La Resnik has been a big part of my operatic journey, from the very early days in fact.  Hers was the voice of my first Carmen, on a friends' highlights disc of 'Great Operatic Duets', the finale with Mario Del Monaco.

Resnik - Aida

From there I followed her magnificent career through her complete recordings, chiefly as Klytemnestra of course, and her Brangane, both for Solti.  I consider her recording of Carmen one to be highly recomended and greatly under valued, it's exciting stuff and as over the top as Decca could be in the vintage era. With the rest of the cast - Mario Del Monaco, Joan Sutherland et all conducted by Thomas Schippers, it's a study in gorgeous, over-ripe excess.

It's only been more recently that I've been discovering more of her career as a soprano, upon acquiring the Krauss 1953 Der Ring from Bayreuth.  Her Sieglinde is rich and beautiful, a voice the perfect size for the role and thrilling.  I think it's time I tracked down any possible recordings of her Aida or Amneris.

As a fitting tribute I pondered on what recording would do her justice, her Habanera? The Dalila aria? The great scena from Elektra?  Brangane's Watch?  I decided on the very first time I heard her and that rich, voluptuously velvet voice first caressed my ears, the finale from Carmen.


Good bye Miss Resnik, and thank you.