Image of the Day - New Astrid Varnay Merch...

This arrived today, a beautiful 8x10 of Astrid Varnay as Isolde.  This of course is not the entire photo but merely a 'detail' image until I figure out why my scanner isn't working.  While the picture itself isn't the best quality paper wise and sadly unsigned, I adore the simplicity of the composition which captures Ms Varnay at the onset of her incredible career.

Thanks to the Australian Eloquence release of 'Astrid Varnay sings Wagner' earlier this year I was finally able to hear Astrid Varnay as Isolde, one of her signature roles, in stereo.  It was recorded together with a regular singing partner of hers, Wolfgang Windgassen.  Only highlights unfortunately. as they never recorded the entire opera in the studio. 

Still it made me wanting more, and wondering why Varnay wasn't given the due justice she deserved by recording companies.  Fortunately as time progresses more of her recordings, both live and radio broadcasts in particular, reach the light of day and in better and better transfers.  


So speaking of transfers, this one isn't the best but it's the same recording, just not the same release.  I hope you enjoy it anyway.