Image of the Day

The House of Atreus
In case you haven't noticed, the opera's of Richard Strauss, in particular Salome and Elektra are among my most beloved operas. I've had a long standing theme I've been wanting to explore with Elektra, my initial sketches dating back to the early 90's.  It basically consists of a set of massive bronze doors that open to reveal the scenes as they unfold.

Up until now I've been relatively unclear as to the entire concept, but from what started as an initial speed sketch quickly developed into something more detailed.  The image above is only one of 13 different stage states that form the entire concept.  I've completed them all and are currently working on a special presentation which will be uploaded in the next few days once complete.

In the meantime enjoy the image in full by clicking on the image itself above, but I strongly recommend you have a listen to the audio below while you do.  It is the most amazing Elektra of Astrid Varnay, recorded in her absolute prime with Fritz Reiner in 1952.  She is undoubtedly one of my favourite artists.