Delivered only yesterday...

Martha Modl - Brunnhilde
...was this long awaited gem.  Having never heard this before I was somewhat surprised at the quality of this remastering.  

Even with its slightly boxy acoustic and occasionally uneven sound quality (to be expected of such a release in some ways) it certainly stands the test of time in a lot of other ways.

Furtwangler's conducting is truly in a class of it's own, strengthened by a solid team of soloists, even if the orchestra, for all it's enthusiasm and devotion to their Maestro, isn't quite up to either of their standards.

I am astounded by one performance in particular, that of Martha Modl as Brunnhilde.  Until now I haven't ever listened to enough of her in her prime, but this is one brilliant example of the total commitment Modl brought to her craft.  She has totally won me over with this cycle, she brings such depth of character to the Valkyrie, in all shades.  

Below is a shining example of the joys of this set, I haven't yet heard it all but look forward to that in the days to come. Anyway, have a listen to the finale to Siegfried, once Brunnhilde has been awakened by said hero, sung here by Ludwig Suthaus and you will get what I mean.  Enjoy the rest of your week, the worst is now behind us.