Image of the Day

Astrid Varnay - Isolde
Here is another of my recent memorabilia acquisitions - a nice 8x10 of Astrid Varnay as Wagner's Isolde.  This is an exquisite example of studio portraits of the era and one I am extremely proud to own.

I've gathered a small but lovely collection of Varnay paraphernalia including some early booking adverts from the 40's which I'll scan in the near future along with my Nilssons and the rest of my Tebaldis and my beautiful signed Varnay Brunnhilde.

So listen below to Isolde's Narrative and Curse from Act 1 of Wagner's Tristan und Isolde as sung by Astrid Varnay in her inimitable, formidable way as we head toward the middle of the week.  I hope yours is as fine as mine has been so far.