Antipodean Wagner...Florence Austral

Florence Austral - Brunnhilde
I'm enjoying the chance to hear the direct broadcasts of the Melbourne Ring of 2013.  Although at work for the first act of all of them unfortunately, Aunty has been generous enough to offer the broadcasts for listening for the following 48 hours.  So listening to the rest I can do in my own time.  

Anyway, I'm hoping that this means a possible CD release in the coming future.  I mean, the Adelaide Ring was released on disc, at top price, wasn't it?  Aunty?

In an attempt to block out the Taylor Swift concert going on at the stadium a block from here, I've put on my headphones and decided to listen in depth to a copy of one of the earliest Wagnerian singers from Australia, Florence Austral.  Inspired by a brief doco during the second interval of Die Walkure I decided to research a little further.  

Here is a complete Immolation Scene, in startlingly good quality, recorded in the mid-twenties I believe.   I've also found a couple of other delicious images which I'll post tomorrow, along with more Austral aural gorgeousness.  Have a listen to one of the greatest Wagnerians of an age gone by and enjoy Thursday.



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