Image of the Day

Pallas Athene - Of War and Wisdom
One of the best things I find with working digitally is the ability to revisit images after any given period of time.  I've been trawling through my archives for images to be revisited, especially the earlier ones on canvas that I felt never really lived up to my expectations.

This is one of them, part of a series I did on canvas a few years ago that I felt held a lot more potential digitally.  I'm currently working on the other two as well in between commissions and working on the new website.

Speaking of which, I won't be adding anything more to any other pages but this one in future, as I work towards the release of the new website.  Due to go live in early February, I will let you know more as the time approaches.


This is Synalia, who specialise in ancient Roman reconstructionist music and performance.  I was listening to their music while working on this.  This one is my favourite, Ludus.  Enjoy the rest of your week.