Long day...need beefcake with an operatic soundtrack...will George Quaintance do?

Now that I have your attention, I hope you enjoy the above George Quaintance indulgences, entitled Coral Reef and Sunlit Depths respectively.  

I've been listening to what must surely be be Opera's most homo-erotic moment...that's right, Au fond du Temple Saint from Bizet's Les Pecheurs des Perles. If my dear Nanna were still alive she would have said it was a real 'pearler' ***cough***


There are so many recordings of this that are worthy of being called one of the best.  For me it is down to two.  The 1954 Fournet with Leopold Simoneau, Pierrette Alarie and Rene Bianco; plus the Dervaux EMI classic from 1960 with Gedda, Micheau and Blanc.  

The both have their merits for sure.  But for me, Nicolai Gedda's portrayal of Nadir is bathed in a golden light.  Helped by some very atmospheric early EMI stereo his portrayal is a treasure and his voice a dream, especially in Je crois encore entendre.


  1. How do you know the titles of the Quaintance paintings, is it recorded somewhere?

  2. Hi Randall

    The titles are freely available from books published of the Artist's work. Also try Wikipedia for more information as an online starting point.

    Thanks for your comment.


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