Margaret Harshaw (12 May 1909 - 7 November 1997)

Margaret Harshaw - Brunnhilde
Margaret Harshaw was a household name at the Met and her career lasted at that house for 22 seasons.  She was a remarkably versatile Artist, singing both soprano and mezzo roles over the course of her career, featuring in 40 of the Met's legendary broadcasts.  There are many still available for purchase and at Met on Demand.  
Why not take a look at the Opera News information sheet on the broadcast while you are here, it's like you're actually listening to the broadcast.
Central to her Fach was of course Richard Wagner.  A renowned Brunnhilde, Isolde and Senta, below is a broadcast of her Immolation Scene from the Met, March 2, 1957, do listen through to it's conclusion, which is contained in two more tracks, if you can it's worth it.  It's an excellent recording, Fritz Steidry is such an underrated Wagnerian conductor in my opinion, his pacing and phrasing is beautiful.  A wonderful way to celebrate the birthday of an incredible Diva.