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For those of you playing at home, you now have the added luxury of being able to access the story to each opera that has been designed and uploaded, without having to head to Wikipedia.  The pages can be accessed in each gallery by pressing the 'synopsis' button on the bottom right.

I'm in the process of more refining, it's a gradual process which I'm enjoying immensely as I go along.  While you check out the new improvements have a listen to Christel Goltz sing Allein! Weh ganz Allein! from Richard Strauss' Elektra below.  

It shows just how great a singer and physical performer (just listen to her feet pounding the stage) that she was.  And check out the rest of the bill...what a luxury cast under arguably one of the greatest Straussian conductors ever.  A powerful way to start the week.  Have a good one.