Progress Report

All of the galleries are now finished in the new style and I've added a new one - Selfie Art.  It's quite self-explanatory, here you'll find all of the images with which I've used the same base pic of my face on which to build characters.  

They are still featured in other relevant galleries but I thought to put them all in one place as I intend to use them hopefully for a physical exhibition at some stage later in the year, funds permitting.

Now everything is up to date I feel like I can continue on more creative endeavours like some of the many unfinished images I have tucked away as well as turn my attention to some commissions that have recently come my way.

In the meantime enjoy Nina Stemme singing Isolde's Narration and Curse from the EMI recording from 2005.  Here she shows, in what is perhaps her first recording, exactly why she became one of the greatest Wagnerian sopranos of our generation.