Die Zauberflote

In preparation for tomorrow's general dress rehearsal of the WA Opera's practically perennial revival of Mozart's Magic Flute, I was looking for a recording I haven't heard in order to hopefully rediscover something fresh in the work myself.

I found it in this unconventional recording by Rene Jacobs.  This is a truly original and highly entertaining interpretation, the theatrics superb with a cast to match any other in talent and characterisation. 

As you would expect from such an Early Music ensemble the reading is crisp and vibrant, though here we have a fortepiano instead of harpsichord in the continuo, adding to the originality overall.

It was actually very difficult to chose a particular highlight as even some of the conversational parts are of such originality as to deserve a mention.

Take the Three Ladies for example, without doubt the best on disc.  Do yourself a favour and listen to the track below, it's the beginning of the opera where the daft prince faints upon seeing a serpent and is saved by the Three Ladies.  Enjoy and have a brilliant weekend.