Donizetti: Poliuto

One of Donizetti's rarely performed gems was first performed in Napoli, Teatro San Carlo, 30 November 1848.  It has one of the most rousing finales of anything Donizetti wrote.  It's essentially a love duet as soprano and tenor await their fate as martyrs with a bit of chorus interjection, but is also a popular concert hall favourite as a duet in itself.

The first recording I ever heard was with Katia Ricciarelli and Jose Carerras it was on a compilation of love duets with Madama Butterfly.  If you can find it I totally recommend it, both were caught in the absolute height of their prime.

Above is the cover of their complewte recording, a live performance from the late 80's and well worht a listen.  But what I would like you to witness is the below video of the both from a recital televised back in the late 80's.  A great way to end a Sunday.  I hope you had a great weekend.