Great Anna Bolenas, part one - Elena Suliotis

One of the most rewarding parts of working on an opera, as in any artform is the research involved in getting your ideas into a coherent concept.  For opera specifically this involves a lot of listening. 

Fortunately there are a  number of recordings available that I can draw inspiration from.  Recently I discovered a copy of the Silvio Varviso/Decca recording with Elena Suliotis in the title role. The cast alone makes you want to hear it and trust me it's truly worth a listen.

Marilyn Horne is Seymour and Nicolai Ghiaurov is a gorgeously dark velvety suave Henry VIII, John Alexander a thrilling, heroic Percy.  Below is the finale scene, it's worth a listen for the hairstyle alone.  Enjoyble listening for a Sunday evening. Have a great week.


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