Giacinto Prandelli (February 8, 1914 – June 14, 2010)

A somewhat underrated tenor but one who had the fortune of being recorded for posterity was Italian tenor Giacinto Prandelli.  He was known foremost for his Italian Opera roles including Edgardo, Rodolfo and Alfredo but apparently was quite a successful Swan Knight in Wagner's Lohengrin and performed the role to acclaim in Italy.

He first came to my attention as Rodolfo in Renata Tebaldi's first recorded La Boheme for Decca in 1951 and I've been an admirer ever since.  I'm so grateful to be able to present you with the rarity that is his Lohengin, of which a fragment of recorded sound, in Italian, exists on disc.  You can read more about Prandelli by visiting a website in tribute to this beautiful tenor voice of the mid-Twentieth Century here.


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