Hildegard Behrens (9 February 1937 – 18 August 2009)

Ever since my long awaited first LP recording of Strauss' Salome arrived in 1986, after about 3 to 4 months of excruciating waiting (it came surface mail via the moon back then) I have been a great admirer of the art of Hildegard Behrens.  Fortunately for me during these months of waiting impatiently there was a televised broadcast of Mozart's Idomeneo from the Met with Pavarotti, Cotrubas and Beherens which I video taped to get me by.

Behrens brought a touching vulnerability to all of her heroines, even the toughest and most unflinching like Strauss' Elektra and Wagner's Brunnhilde.  

I can only say that I waited with such excitement as she added these roles to her repertoire and remember waiting by the radio with my finger on the record button every time one of her recordings was featured on ABC FM, as it was known back then.

Elektra was particularly memorable as I was at some friends' house and we were ready to go clubbing (yes I was an odd teenager according to my friends back then).

Obviously better known for her interpretations of Strauss and Wagner heroines I thought to give you Elettra's mad scene from the aforementioned Mozart's Idomeneo as somewhat of a tribute to such an incredibly versatile artist.  Enjoy these few minutes of musical madness, and relish in her 'stiff as a board' exit, pure staging genius.


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