So I went and did this...


...animation of all the backdrop scenes I designed for the OperaBox 2015 season of Donizetti's Anna Bolena.  Included in this animation is a scene that was dropped from the final staging but is included here for completion purposes.  It's been uploaded onto the website and is permanently on display in the Anna Bolena Gallery, along with some of the media images I put together for the production too.

My intention was to make the production look as lush as possible on the incredibly small budget I had to use for the set and to emphasise the amazing costumes designed by Merri Ford from Hustle and Bustle Costumes.  

It just goes to show you don't need a huge budget to do justice to the ideas of the composer in the staging of opera and now due to the wonders of modern technology one is pretty much only limited by one's own imagination. A bit of knowledge of Photoshop and animation software certainly help too :-) .  Have a great weekend.

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