Victorian Opera - The Flying Dutchman

Tonight sees the much heralded opening night of Victorian Opera's 3D excursion into Wagnerian territory with their new production of Die Fliegende Hollander.  There's been a lot of hype around this production due to it's use of modern cinematic 3D technology for the decor and the fact that the people responsible for the projections are from Deakin University using their Deakin Motion Lab.

It's quite a starry cast including Oksar Hillebrandt and Lori Phillips as the doomed lovers and Australians Warwick Fyfe, Liane Keegan and Bradley Daley in supporting roles.  Richard Mills is conductor and Roger Hodgman directs, this show which is destined to tour.

Have a look at the video below which describes in more detail the technology behind the production and enjoy this glimpse into the future of opera design.  There is a welth of information at the VO's excellent website... check it out and if you have the luxury of being in Melbourne for the next few days do yourself a favour and go see it.


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