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Remember the olden days when Artists had patrons who support them in their artistic endeavours, thus allowing them to work on their Art without the distraction of working for 'the Man' in order to make a living, thereby reducing their Art or Craft to 'hobby' status?
Neither do I but here is a chance to return to those halcyon days by embracing the new artistic paradigm called Patreon.
You can help me achieve my dream of doing this exact thing. If you like my work and would like even more to see me reach my true potential then have a look at my page and chip in a few bucks.
What do you lose? Nothing! What do you stand to gain? Some decent personalised perks for one, PLUS the Karmic satisfaction of knowing you have contributed to making this world a more visually beautiful place and kept an Artist from starving or worse, from working in a job that crushes creativity.