Catherine Malfitano

Ever since I purchased the Deutsche Oper/Sinopoli production of Salome on VHS back in the very early Nineties I've been an admirer of Catherine Malfitano.  She was sort of a byword for Salome back then, one of the great interpreters of the time, her interpretation filmed live twice and available commercially.  Both are exceptional in their own ways.  She was noted for her commitment and dedication to the roles she performed, of course her Tosca and Salome will fortunately be forever with us on film and audio.

I'm posting clips from both productions as a tribute, the Dance from the Sinopoli production and the final scene from the von Dohnanyi/Covent Garden production of 1997 with Bryn Terfel as Jochanaan.  Enjoy the intensity of one of the singing actresses of the late Twentieth Century on the occasion of her birthday and have a great weekend.

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