A Rare Callas Tosca

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology and the internet every now and then a rare jewel emerges from the operatic past that deserves to be viewed and shared.  Opera lovers and admirers of Maria Callas in particular are likely familiar with the filmed Covent Garden Tosca of 1964 and even the Paris footage from 1958 but last night I found this little gem, the score slightly cut but remarkable footage all the same.

It hails from New York and appears to have screened on television on the 25th November, 1956.  It was filmed in the studio and has George London as Scarpia and the NBC Symphony Orchestra conducted by Dmitiri Mitropoulos.  

What really impresses me is Callas' delivery of Vissi d'Arte, straight to the camera for most of it, like she is imploring the viewer directly in her prayer.  It makes for wonderful, powerful viewing and shows just how amazing she was as an actress.  It truly makes one wish for the rumoured filmed version by Zeffirelli that never happened.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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