Visconti, Callas and Traviata

Today I was reminded that the famous La Scala production of La Traviata produced by Luchino Visconti starring Maria Callas premiered exactly 60 years ago this evening.  When I was in my early teens I purchased a 'pirate' recording of the highlights from the performance on a dodgy record label from Italy (International Joker) in appalling sound.  I still have it in my collection and this recording, while I obviously no longer listen to the old LP thanks to digital remastering etc, was to me the performance against all others would be judged.

Callas' commitment to character remains unparalleled - how many other Violettas have you heard that bring the house down after her Act 2 exit from her duet with Alfredo?

Initially I was to post the traditional offering of Sempre Libera or Addio del Passato but thought this passage completely fitting as a tribute to this remarkable meeting of Creative Talent that will be remembered for a long time to come.

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