Has it really been 150 Years?

There are few moments in music and indeed culture that you can pinpoint as precise moments that changed the course of history and this is indeed one of them.  Western Music was never the same after the premiere of Wagner's Tristan und Isolde back on June 10, 1865 and for good reason.

Audiences for the first time were subjected to the 'Tristan Chord' and the ensuing almost four hours of unrelieved tension surely would have had 19th Century hearts a-racing until the very final cadence.

There are many, many amazing recordings of the Liebestod, we are fortunate for that, but as a tribute today I thought to share this incredible video of Waltraute Meier.  Beautiful in it's close-up imagery it captures perfectly the ecstasy felt by Isolde in the final moments of a work that resonates powerfully through time and undoubtedly always will.

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  1. Beautiful artwork -- as always! -- Blair. And beautiful Waltraud Meier, the Isolde of our time. Wouldn't Wagner love this woman?


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