Essential sounds for a spring Saturday

Early in my opera loving teens I discovered that a cheap way to satisfy my ever growing need to enhance my LP collection was to frequent second hand record stores and thrift stores.  I was amazed at what I could find and afford, even on the pocket money I was given back then.

One of my most treasured finds would have to be the Decca Phase4 Stereo Concert LP - Marilyn Horne sings Carmen, now delightfully reissued as part of the 41CD set: PHASE 4 STEREO CONCERT SERIES in September 2014.

Of course there have been many more subtle, sensual interpretations, even from the Diva herself but what I love here is the overly ripe quality of Marilyn Horne's cigarette smoking heroine, matched by the sunny quality of the bright, deliciously hi-fi Decca recording of the day.

She is indulged to the nth degree by her colleagues and husband, conductor Henry Lewis but it does make for fun, luscious listening.  Have a great weekend.


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