A Night with Faust

What pleases me at the moment about our tiny little outpost of Western Civilization, is that there seems to be a burgeoning of people who are into the Arts and keen to make their mark on this city culturally.  This makes me very happy.

Especially when friends of mine decide to combine their love of Opera and Fine Cuisine and come up with an idea such as this.

A collaboration by Claudia, who runs Cook Speak Play and Aureliana, the inspiration behind Italian for Opera Lovers, be prepared for a night of great food and an informative presentation on the music of Gounod's Faust.

If you join you also get the opportunity to see Faust at a heavily reduced ticket price, courtesy of West Australian Opera.

All in all it's a win/win situation - a talk on the music and mythos of Faust, both Gounod and Goethe, followed by a black and white buffet dinner AND cheap opera tickets!

Plus you also have the pleasure of knowing you've supported a marvelous small business venture and all the good Karma that brings.

This particular event is a one-off, set in the middle of a broader course centred around the music of Giuseppe Verdi: "A Taste of Giuseppe Verdi' which is currently underway.  I'll be attending the next evening which takes place the following Wednesday, November 4.  Feel free to join me.

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