Fiona CAMPBELL'S Condensed Cream of FAUST Episodes 2 & 3

So while my personal life has taken precedence over my work here over the past week or so, the ever talented Fiona Campbell had provided us with the the latest two installments of her behind the scenes look at the WA Opera's production of Gounod's Faust.

And here they are, giving you a tongue in cheek look at what goes into making such an enormous undertaking a reality.  It's incredible for me to watch this footage as it seems like half of my Facebook friends are in these videos, and for good reason - they are all incredibly talented and work so very hard!

You'll also notice quite a few members of the cast of OperaBox's Anna Bolena here.  It's what they do when they aren't creating their own opportunities to make opera accessible to a wider range of people who might never see this incredible artform.  I hope you enjoy Fiona's witty take on Gounod's masterpiece and have a great weekend.

Episode 2

Episode 3

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