The Voice of Versatility: Cheryl Studer - A Personal Tribute

One of the greatest voices of the late Twentieth Century and into the new Millennium belongs to American soprano Cheryl Studer.  Her silvery, shimmering voice fast became a favourite with audiences and conductors alike and her solid technique put her in good stead to be indefinable as to fach.  

For this reason you'll find her as equally at home in Bel Canto roles like Lucia and Semiramide, through to the heroines of Richard Wagner, Giuseppe Verdi and Richard Strauss.  Don't ever forget her Queen of the Night either - one of the best recorded portrayals we have on disc.

The first time I heard her was in the much acclaimed Salome conducted by Giuseppe Sinopoli.  It was a gift from friends for my 21st birthday and the first CD I ever owned.  La Studer's Salome remains one of my most desired recordings to this day.  A gift that keeps on giving you might say.

Her discography is astounding in its breadth, as is her artistry when you consider that only a fraction of her repertoire was recorded, especially when you include her rather recent move into mezzo territory.  Future plans for example include Herodias, just like her predecessor Leonie Rysanek, her recorded mother on the Sinopoli Salome.

So here it is, the recording which started it all for me...the final scene from Salome.  Happy birthday Diva - you continue to amaze me with your Talent and generosity, especially to the next generation of singers you've taken under your wing.  And thanks for the musical memories which continue to delight and will do for years to come.

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